Samantha. 21. from Chile. kpop trash graphic design student. my blog is a mess, i'm invested in too many stuff. (▰˘◡˘▰)
I make graphics and gifs once in awhile.
Anonymous said:
hiii! I love love love your ally a saves the day fanart!! would you ever consider doing t-shirts of it? (places like spreadshirt seem like they're pretty user-friendly for artists!) I would basically die if i could have a tee w/ my fave fanart of my fave badass babe on it! (esp. now she's dead sigh, that was the worst of the worst) :)

Thank you! sorry for not answering before, I’ve been really busy with uni that I barely have time to be here, no, sadly I don’t sell ‘merch/whatever’ since I don’t have credit card all those things you need to sell stuff. Sorry :( I really wish I could sell stuff tbh but I don’t do that right now.

Anonymous said:
hi! how did you know how to get the timing right when making the draco malfoy gifset were it was all black, then the gifs appeared one by one? this one- /post/12599290884 :) is there a tutorial you used?

HIIIIII, tbh I don’t remember it very good, I made those gifs a looong time ago (sorry for not answering your previous message, but I was hoping for you to send me a non-anon mesagge so I could reply privately)

the only thing that I remember is that you have to add the amount of black/transparent/whatever color you choose layers before or after the gif starts, for example the first gif have 12 layers, the gif that comes next you have to add 12 black layers before the moving image (idk if I’m explaining myself well, i’m sorry) and it is the same process until the last one, it’s a bit tedious i’m being honest, I didn’t used a tutorial, I figured the thing myself, you can save the gifs and open them on photoshop to see what i’m talking about. SORRY MY TUT IS CRAP!!!!! :( i’m really bad at this.

Anonymous said:
hi. do you have the psd for this picspam /post/54650934142/youll-stay-with-me-always-until-the-end ? it looks amazing, or can you make a tutorial ? sorry for bother you.

Hey! you’re not a bother don’t worry. Yes I have the psd saved but I won’t share it sorry. I guess I could make a tutorial, it’s a lot of pressure tbh, I’ll think about it. Sorry! 

Anonymous said:
hi! can you please tell me what font did you use on this graphic: /post/59829116925/someone-tried-to-strangle-me-and-i-survived-i thank you! and its really pretty <3

It’s called Hagin Caps Thin :) thank you!

Anonymous said:
hello! senseless-world (post/59392151607) has stolen your picspam

Oh I wish I could stop this from happening! but this has always been a thing on this website and it’s sucks /sigh/ thank you for letting me now!!! luv u :)

Anonymous said:
what is this font (post/57262797777) ?

I’m assuming you’re talking about the main one I used in that poster. It’s called Market Deco, you’re welcome.

Anonymous said:
how did you do the colouring here? it looks so great holy /post/38494910506/ive-been-thinking-about-something-dumbledore-said

Oh, thanks a lot!!!! :) I’m kinda rubbish at explaining how-to-make-a-coloring stuff, but honestly I have a psd, which I posted here (is this one btw!!!) tbh is not the same but I made it with same layers and stuff like that, it’s not the same coloring but you can play with the gradient map and the photo filters which is basically what I do always :) (I’m not going to post the same exact psd I use, I don’t want to share my secrets tbh :)) and I use lots of textures! :D
Btw happy new year!!! is still new year’s eve here but anyways.

Anonymous said:
Hi could you please tell me what coloring you used here /post/30278767766/the-ones-that-love-us-never-really-leave-us

one of my own :) i made it myself and i’m very proud! it’s very close to this one. hope it helps!!!!!!

Anonymous said:
Who is your favorite HP character?

oh, my favorite???? probably ron weasley (: and I have a soft spot for draco.

Anonymous said:
I really love your blog even though you don't post that often anymore, also even though I'm not a BIG fan of one direction I think you shouldn't apologize for liking them and you shouldn't care if people unfollow you...I think you'll always have people who follow you because they like you and your blog... like me :D anyway sorry for this I was just creeping on your blog and reading your tags and i felt like saying this :)

I almost cried while I was reading this??? Can I just give you a huge imaginary hug because ugh thank you so much for this I love you!!! I really appreciate when people send to me this kind of messages because I feel loved and that’s so beautiful! :’) thank you!!! I would love to follow you! :3 and thanks for be a light in my life:) yes, even tho if you’re not a one direction fan thank you for still following me, they are such beautiful guys tbh :) and you should totally check this because that was my reaction haha