Samantha. 21. from Chile. kpop trash graphic design student. my blog is a mess, i'm invested in too many stuff. (▰˘◡˘▰)
I make graphics and gifs once in awhile.
according to your tags, you seem to think a lot of your stuff isn't very good, but salfjaskldkljds please allow me to beg to differ. they are fantastic! you make a lot of my favorite stuff (which calls for a possible apology in advance when you find a lot of reblogs courtesy of moi~).

Aww thank you :’)! that’s flattering! Hehe is just there’s plenty of talented people here in tumblr and most of them are really flawless graphics makers and their stuff is even more gorgeous tbh, but your message made me happy and i’m going to start to appreciate more of my stuff. Thanks! <3