Samantha. 21. from Chile. kpop trash graphic design student. my blog is a mess, i'm invested in too many stuff. (▰˘◡˘▰)
I make graphics and gifs once in awhile.
i bet you have nice boobs

idk but my big sister thinks they are huge (lol i don’t think so haha) thank you ahahaha :)

Anonymous said:
I really love your blog even though you don't post that often anymore, also even though I'm not a BIG fan of one direction I think you shouldn't apologize for liking them and you shouldn't care if people unfollow you...I think you'll always have people who follow you because they like you and your blog... like me :D anyway sorry for this I was just creeping on your blog and reading your tags and i felt like saying this :)

I almost cried while I was reading this??? Can I just give you a huge imaginary hug because ugh thank you so much for this I love you!!! I really appreciate when people send to me this kind of messages because I feel loved and that’s so beautiful! :’) thank you!!! I would love to follow you! :3 and thanks for be a light in my life:) yes, even tho if you’re not a one direction fan thank you for still following me, they are such beautiful guys tbh :) and you should totally check this because that was my reaction haha